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"...What a pleasure to stay in a place that has obviously had a lot of time and love put into it, and how rare to be greeted by smiling animals in lush fields. It keeps you dreaming and fully inspired. ......"

East Penrest (in Cornish the name means "head of the ford" and probably derives from the fact that an old track/footpath leads down to a mill on the river Inny where there is an old ford) is a 120 acre working organic farm, where the main enterprises used to be beef cattle and sheep. In September 2010 we decided we could no longer afford to carry on subsidising the supermarkets and sold all our breeding stock (apart from 6 ewes and a ram). We are now renting out some of the grazing to another organic farmer, so our visitors shouldn't see any difference - except that we will now have more time for them! Our sheep numbers have since crept up to 140 or so - it's difficult to stop!

We have a few hens (free-range, of course) and our visitors tell us they are the best eggs they have tasted. We are also working hard in our vegetable garden.

The farm is mostly grass. The fields are comparatively small (generally about 5 or 6 acres) with most of the boundaries marked by traditional Cornish hedge-banks which are full of a great variety of plants and wildlife. There are 10 acres of woodland (mainly oak), most of this being registered ancient woodland. Streams run down through the farm, and we have made a small lake which attracts ducks and other forms of aquatic wildlife.

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